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Baggy's Blue Basset Hounds

We have been working on making and producing blue puppies for years. We are excited to announce that blue puppies are coming and will be available to the public soon!! We have more rare colors in the works but so far we expect Blue Mahogany, Blue Tri, Blue Red, and Blue Lemon. Our pricing will reflect the rarity of the color.

Standard Colors- $2250-$3000

Standard Color with Lace Ear- $3,500

Blue Red- $3,000+

Blue Lemon- $3,000+

Blue Mahogany- $3,000+

Blue Tri Open- $3,500+

Blue Tri Closed- $3,500+

Blue and White- $4,000+

(This price list DOES NOT INCLUDE tax or breeding rights! Contact me directly if you are interested in breeding blues and rare colors.)

Baggy Bassets and Howlin' Hounds are home of the Blue basset hound. We are excited to announce we are working together to produce beautiful healthy blue puppies! Some people say blue bassets are unhealthy and come with health problems. This is a myth! Blue is just a color and any color of dog can have health problems or diseases. This is why genetic testing parents is so important!! Our blue bassets are genetic tested! Our goal is to bring the color of blue back to bassets that are HEALTHY!

Blue basset hounds eye color ranges from blue to hazel. ALL Blue puppies will have light colored eyes.

We are just starting to update this page. Please come back for updates as we are not finished!

We have officially opened up our deposit list for our future litter of blue puppies. Currently we have room on the list for both boys and girls. Spots will be limited for this litter until birth.

We are expecting our first all blue litter. Sansa and Aegon are expecting a litter in 6 months. Colors possible are blue mahogany, blue open tri, blue closed tri, blue red, and blue lemon. To get on the list contact me directly. 

Examples of Blue Basset Colors

Blue & White Basset

Nymeria and Arrow are the first of their color that we know of. They are Blue and white. A black in white in blue (dilute) form. This gallery is of both Arrow (from Howlin' Hounds) and Nymeria (our keeper). Pricing for this color is $7,500.

Blue Mahogany Basset

Our Aegon is an example of a blue mahogany basset hound. Again he is the first of his color that we know of. A mahogany in blue (dilute) form. Pricing for this color is $5,500.

Blue Open Tri Basset

Belle is an example of an open Blue tri basset. She is an open tri in blue (dilute form). Pricing for this color is $6,000.

Blue Closed Tri Basset

Sansa is an example of a blue closed tri basset. We will be getting updated pictures of her asap. We are waiting for her to shed her winter coat before we do. She is a closed tri in blue (dilute) form. Pricing for this color is $6,500.

Black & White with blue

Our Snoopy is an example of a black and white basset with blue. He carries the blue (dilute) gene. So his eyes were lighter than a typical black and white basset. Pricing for this color is $3,500.

Blue Red/Lemon Basset

Pictures found on google of a Blue Red basset. The nose and eyes tell you it is blue. This is a red and white basset in blue (dilute) form. Lemon is born white and their markings come out in 3 to 4 weeks and get richer with age. Red is born with light red markings and get deeper with age. Pricing for this color is $4,500/$5,000.

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