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Pricing & Other Info

Why are our puppies so expensive? I get asked this a lot. All of our dogs are genetic tested against over 200 known diseases to basset hounds. On top of that, our puppies come HIGHLY SOCIALIZED, have been potty training from 3 weeks until they go to their new homes, come with a 2 year health guarantee (that can be extended), pet AKC papers, food, & vitamins, toys and baby blanket that smells like mom and siblings. Puppies are handled every day, they have obstacles, loud toys, played with by adults and children, taken for car rides, toe-nails are clipped, feet and ears are messed with, and they are raised amongst our hustle and bustle of our family life in our kitchen. We follow the puppy culture program for socialization. Puppies are $2500-$3500 for standard colors plus 9.43% tax. Please be aware, breeding rights are an extra fee. Breeding fee will need to be paid by the time puppy is 10 months old. All puppies come with limited AKC papers. *If you are interested in breeding please disclose that interest to me. Deposits are $1000 to secure your pick. I allow picks to be made according to the order I received your deposit. If you are wanting full breeding rights there is an extra fee. Please contact me directly for this fee as this varies by standard or rare colors.

I accept payments by Zelle, Venmo, or GoodDog for electronic payments or money order/check by mail. Zelle information is my cell phone number or email address (928-358-7700 or If paying balance electronically, we must receive payment by the age of 7 weeks otherwise balance needs to be made in cash at time of pick up. 



Puppies can start going to their new homes between 7 and 8 weeks! Starting the day after puppies turn 8 weeks old, I do charge a holding charge of $20 per day. I understand emergencies happen and please contact me as soon as you know you will be unable to pick up your puppy by 8 weeks. I will be happy to work with you as much as possible but as long as puppies are with us they are continuing their potty training, kennel training, and socialization so holding puppies past 8 weeks is very time consuming for us especially when we have younger pups and/or puppies coming soon. It is also expensive for us to keep your puppies longer- food costs add up with so many to feed and they need more deworming meds and vaccines on a regular basis. Additionally, no matter how long I hold your puppy for you, puppies must be paid off in full by 8 weeks of age. Holding fees will need to be paid weekly. First and foremost, keep in contact with me! Puppies delivered to the Phoenix area are subject to a gas & time fee of $300. Keep in mind, this is a 9 hour and 500+ mile round trip. This is a day away from my family, home, dogs, and puppies and putting wear and tear on my vehicle.


Due to Covid-19, we are not allowing home visits for the safety of our family and puppies. Please keep in mind, this is our home first and foremost but we also have puppies and dogs in our care that we need to keep safe and healthy. Also, we have many puppies in our care that other families are anxious to receive. We have a responsibility to keep them safe. We will not allow visits unless puppies have been vaccinated and it can be done outside. So visits cannot happen before 7 weeks of age, after puppies have been vaccinated.


We reserve the right to keep back a puppy for breeding at any time. So, although you may have first pick of the litter, we may decide that a puppy is special enough to be held back for our breeding program. We do not always keep ourselves at first pick. We do from time to time but not always. Sometimes special circumstances arise however which will change our decision. For example, if the mother or father of the litter is retired due to unforeseen circumstances. In order to continue their bloodlines, we will choose a pup from their litter in order to do so. But we will typically not take puppies unless there are more than deposits received. So if only 2 puppies are born and we already have deposits received for 2 puppies we will not hold one back. 

Shipping Information


If you are too far for us to deliver to you for an extra fee, we do have a couple of transportation companies we use. Their fee is extra on top of puppy's cost. I will happily prepare puppy for the trip to you. In the past we have always shipped our puppies via airplane. But care at the airlines is really unknown so I do prefer to only send one of my puppies on an airplane if you are going to fly with your new puppy on the plane. I will meet you at the airport in Phoenix for a fee. I do also use ground transportation services and we love and trust the company with our babies! Their fee ranges depending on your location and overall distance but ranges from $500 and up, please contact us directly for details! 

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