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I've Quit Commercial Dog Foods! Here's Why You Should Too! 









Life's Abundance is required as part of your pet's LIFETIME health guarantee.


I want the best for my Bassets and I know you feel the same way. That’s why I want to take a moment to tell you what brought me to this decision. In 2005 more than 100 dogs nationwide died as a result of eating contaminated pet food from a well-known manufacturer. Unfortunately, the toxin comes from a fungus found on corn and other crops and can cause severe liver damage in pets. And they reported yet another incident in connection with yet another dog food on Mar 21. Fortunately, neither was the brand I was using. But the brand I was using was still a commercial food & none of them offer any guarantees that their product couldn't be next to hit the news......too late for alot of dogs. This incident got my attention. I began  researching & talking to other breeders. As a result ...... I am happy to say I found it! Just click on this link: Life's Abundance.


You owe it to your furkids to check out their site. Even if you don't order, it has alot of valuable information. This is  a complete product line of holistic healthy dog & cat foods, treats & supplements that DO NOT contain corn, wheat, soy protein. (I, for one, am NOT going to put any of MY kids health at risk) So my dogs & puppies are now on LIFE'S ABUNDANCE, a truly holistic natural food made from high quality ingredients. Life's Abundance recieves a 4.5 out of 5 stars on dog food reviews. It's shipped DIRECTLY to your door!! And it guarantees live probiotics in the food which most dog foods don't on the market. Probiotics are one of the best things a dog can have for their digestional tract. Most importantly they LOVE it! And I love it too & if this sounds like an advertisement, it's because I can see a big difference in my Brittanys. You're going to see surprising results, almost immediately.....for example... Your dog will be drinking more water & pooping less! This is because the water content is significantly lower than commercial dog foods. They'll be eating less, because it is more filling. The health benefits are obvious. Continue reading & you'll understand why I feel so good about changing my dogs over to Life's Abundance Dog Food. I can help you with ordering if needed. If you have questions contact me or go to the link below. It's full of information. I was so impressed with their food that I became a "field rep" for Life's Abundance. This allows me to be informed when you order food etc and I am here to help. Contact me if you have any questions.This site: "DOG FOOD SCOOP" is one of several that will keep you informed of all dog/pet food recalls. I check it often. And no....Life's Abundance products have never shown up!  Contact me if you have any questions!!