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About Us @ Baggy Bassets

Blue mahogany basset hound with blue eyes

We are the Garnet family, a family of 5 that live on a small farm in the White Mountains in Vernon just outside of Show Low Arizona. Puppies are raised in our home in Show Low Arizona but we also have a home in Mesa and travel back and forth so we can arrange pick up in the valley. I grew up with Basset hounds. Taffy Mae was my first and we literally grew up together. When I decided to get another basset hound Lucy fell into my lap and I fell head over heels all over again for basset hounds. She is everything Taffy Mae was and she filled a void in my heart that I didn't know was there. She is growing up with my girls and has become my daughters' best friend. She reminded me how loyal, patient, and loving this breed is with children. I was addicted all over again.

My mother has been a dog breeder since I was a very young girl. As a child growing up I had a lot of dogs and puppies in my life and I learned everything I know from her. She has raised English Bulldogs for 30 plus years and I have been right along her side as she was learning herself. The passion I have for dogs has been instilled in me since I was a very young girl. My dogs are our pets and part of the family. Please take a few moments to look over our website and if you have any questions what so ever feel free to contact us!

I strive to create beautiful European/American mix basset hounds. I feel the American mixed into the European lines brings health to the lines. While European basset hounds are not necessarily unhealthy, their excessive rolls and thicker skin does cause a higher maintenance pup. The American are healthy, have tighter skin and less wrinkles, have a slight higher energy, and can keep up in the field if asked to. We believe in mixing American and European bloodlines to produce a stockier basset hound with long ears ,droopy eyes, and loose wrinkly skin but health of an American hound! We think it creates the perfect hound!

Our dogs are all a part of our family and are spoiled by our 3 children. Our goal is and will always be to produce sound, healthy, happy well rounded basset hound babies that families enjoy! We follow the puppy culture program for a highly socialized puppy. They are raised in our bedroom for the first few weeks until they are upgraded from the whelping area to a weaning/potty training area. They are used to family sounds of vaccuming, yelling, clanging of pots and pans, and everything that goes with a busy family home! They are taken on car rides, cuddled, and obstacles are built for them to climb over to build confidence! Know you are getting a great family member when you get a Baggy Basset baby! All of our dogs and puppies are loved from day 1. We will be picky about where they go.

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