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Before You Bring Your Puppy Home




Preparing For Your Baggy Hound

 I will send you home with a  blanket with the scent of Mom and littermates, food (enough for a few days), NuVet vitamins (enough for a few days), toys, health record, microchip info, and health guarantee. Your pup will be up to date with all shots and preventative treatments. Puppies typically wear a small halter/harness at time of go home! Please do NOT use collars with your dogs, basset hounds have a very sensitive trachea so collars are never recommended.


 You will want to have:

  • A leash

  • Harness- I do not recommend collars for bassets.

  • 2 bowls stainless steel, not plastic. Plastic can turn black noses brown or pink or cause sores on the nose and mouth.

  • A crate of your personal preference in style roughly 36" long, 23" wide and 25" tall. This is not an exact science and crate sizes are not constant among manufacturers. This size crate is very roomy for your pup as an adult. I recommend using a divider, blankets, towels or boxes to block off the back of the crate now and only give your pup room to lay down and turn around. If you let your pup have the whole crate, he will make an apartment with a bathroom on one end and a bedroom on the other. You only want him to have a bedroom. If you wish, you can choose a smaller crate for little pup initially. Crating is very important as a bored little puppy can always find something to do or get into. At times you are unable to supervise puppy 100% put him in his crate for his safety and your sanity!

  • A furminator brush

  • Nail trimmers are optional if you take them to the vet or groomer to get them done, but you might want to trim his nails just a bit every 2 weeks. Make sure you have a product like Kwik Stop styptic powder in case you cut too short.

  • If you are planning to bathe him, rather than using a groomer, use a puppy/dog moisturizing shampoo. Not human products. pawTree has a great selection of shampoos.

  • I also STRONGLY recommend that you keep your pup on NuVet vitamins throughout his life. It will boost his immune system and keep him as healthy as possible. Our adults and pups are on NuVet and I wouldn't have it any other way. We are so fortunate to have consistently healthy adults and pups. You can order by phone or internet by clicking any NuVet link on this page. Dog food can only hold so many ingredients and NuVet is the best way to bridge the gap between average and optimal health for your dog.

  • Microchip can be registered for FREE on their website by clicking the link, enter your microchip number, when not found it will ask if you want to register the chip. Do so with your info. Again this can be done at for FREE. I always recommend signing up for AKC Reunite once you have registered your puppy's microchip when you register your akc papers.

  • Rope toys, hard rubber toys and stuffed toys are all acceptable. As soon as a stuffed toy starts to come apart, either sew it or throw it! No rawhide not ever.

  • I like to have dog beds throughout the house. It's nice to train your pup to go to his bed when you are cooking, entertaining, etc and you don't want him underfoot. Dog beds can be washed easily but if he curls up on the same spot on the carpet, that's a much bigger project to clean.

  • Choose a dog food. We have 2 options on our website, which will qualify you for our extended heatlh guarantee, and highly recommend them both! We do prefer pawTree although we are new to the switch. Order HERE.

  • In general, I suggest you pass by the treat section. Most of the treats available in the pet section is no good for our pets. Get your pup a BarkBox every month! They research the treats for us! He needs his nutrition from his food (not your table scraps either) so I cook a piece of chicken, beef, liver, or venison, cut into 1/2" cubes and freeze. You can also make your own treats with yogurt, cut up fruit/veggies and put into an ice cube tray and placed in the freezer. Or stuff it into a KONG and freeze it for days you are busy or gone. If you prefer to buy treats, the other approved treats we recommend on the market are PawTree Treats. They have a great smell that will get your canine's attention for successful training and they aren't empty calorie junk treats. They are tasty and made from wholesome ingredients. And you don't have to worry about recalls!



Baggy Bassets' Puppy Care Instructions


When your new puppy comes home, make it a relaxing first 24 hours. Stress can cause a variety of problems. Encourage your puppy to eat soon after you get home. If he is not interested try again at dinner time or just after. Pup should eat something. Even if it’s just a few kibbles, that’s good. 


  • Puppy should be seen by a vet within 3 BUSINESS DAYS of going home when possible. If it's not possible, please let me know.

  • You and your vet should go over the vaccination schedule. 


  • Your puppy's immune system is not fully capable of fighting viruses until at least the 3rd shot- he/she can catch dangerous viruses like parvo and should not be in heavily populated dog areas (dog parks, potty relief areas, petsmart, etc.). If you go to the pet store or vet before they have had all vaccinations at 16 weeks keep the puppy of the ground!! This is very important! No puppy classes until all shots have been given!

  • I prefer to give one vaccine at a time. That way if there is a reaction you know to which it was. 

  • Flea and tick preventative is very important. Ask your vet what works best for your area.

  • Monthly Heartguard preventative is important.


  • I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE NUVET PLUS SUPPLEMENTS AS IT ACTS AS AN IMMUNITY BOOSTER. Again, you need to be proactive to keep your pup healthy!

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