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Why is Genetic Testing so Important?

Genetic testing is important for many reasons but the main reason we do it is to avoid our puppies having diseases that could have easily been prevented had their parents been health genetic tested. I have heard so many horror stories of families losing their family members early (2 to 4 years of age!) because their dogs had a genetic disorder/disease that could not be treated or cured, but could have been easily avoided had parents been health tested. There are over 200 diseases that my dogs are tested against. Blood disorders, diseases, and genetic disorders. Genetic testing in dogs enables diagnosis of a disease before the development of it's symptoms. Our goal is to selectively breed genetic health tested dogs to eliminate these diseases and provide families with healthier puppies/dogs! Yes it is costly to genetic test... but it costs less than treating or maintaining a dog with a genetic or congenital disease in the long run. Every one of my bassets, male or female, is genetic tested against all these diseases! Because of this testing I offer a lifetime guarantee against all genetic diseases. 

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