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Our Baggy Bassets

Baggy's King Aegon Targareon

Aegon is gorgeous and my love bug. He is a beautiful blue mahogany with blue eyes. He is a big goof ball and can be a total turd! But he's lucky he's cute and I tell him that daily!!! Aegon's genetic test results are in and he is clear of Thrombopathia!

Baggy's Ceraxes In Ice & Fire

Ceraxes is amazing on paper as he is beautiful! Ceraxes is 60% European lines, lace ear, and is blue lemon. I am so excited to see this guy's puppies next year! You will be seeing puppies from our new boys soon! 

Baggy's Lord Imp Of Casterly Rock

Tyrion is our double lace ear stud and he is just the sweetest little dude ever! He is Dani's full brother. He will be genetic tested once he's a bit older. We don't expect him to carry any diseases though as both of their parents are genetic tested as well. So genetically he should be clear of thrombopathia due to parents being clear.  

Baggy's Syrax

Syrax is Black and White and we are excited to see his puppies this summer of 2023! He is the sweetest combo of his mom and dad. Thrombopathia clear! He is expecting his first litter soon!

Baggy's Rhaegar of House Targaryen

Rhaegar is a beautiful blue mahogany boy with striking blue eyes. He will compliment Aegon's kids that we have kept. Rhaegar is super silly and full of personality. He talks back to everyone and keeps us all laughing!

Baggy's Dracarys of Ice & Fire

Dracarys is an up and coming stud. We will be using him to add less white to our color lines. So we will have some with white and some without white markings in our black and blue lines. 

Baggy's Danearys Stormborn

Danearys or "Dani" for short is so full of personality but also a complete cuddle bug. Dani is a gorgeous lemon and white with a lace ear. Great with my kids, so patient and so motherly. She loves all kids and dogs! She knows no enemy! Dani's genetic results are in and she is clear of thrombopathia!

Baggy's Reign of the Seven Kingdoms

Reign is everything you want in a basset. She has personality and is silly but is loving and loyal to a fault. She is beautiful and stocky. She is stubborn but playful. She is white and lemon with lace ears. She is energetic but a couch potato on lazy days. Reign's genetic results are in and she is clear of thrombopathia! 

Baggy's Storm of Swords Shae

Shae is my little side kick. My shadow. Wherever I am she is not far behind... Unless she's up to no good! Little stinker! But I adore her and she knows it! She gets away with murder! She is my cuddle bug on cold nights! Shae's genetic results are in and she is clear of thrombopathia!

Baggy's Arya of Winterfell

Arya is a beautiful black and white gal and is our sensitive loving soul. She is first to comfort us when it is needed. And she loves to referee the puppies! Arya's genetic results are in and she is clear of thrombopathia! 

Baggy's Nymeria of Winterfell

Introducing Nymeria, "Nymee" for short, she is a Blue and white and she and her brother are the first of their color that I know of. She is daughter of Aegon and Howlin' Hounds' Bella. Parents are genetic clear of thrombopathia so she is clear as well.

Baggy's Lady Stark of Winterfell

Sansa is a blue tri girl with pretty blue eyes. We are super excited about her addition and look forward to her having blue babies with Aegon. She is a sweet girl full of personality. Her spicy attitude earned her the nickname "Salsa". 

Baggy's Mother of Dragons

Khaleesi is a beautiful Blue Lemon with Blue Eyes. She is spunky and sweet and we adore her silliness. We are excited to see her future in our program.

Baggy's Lady of Casterly Rock

Cersei is a pretty little lady with a lace ear. She comes from great European and show lines. She is fun loving and vocal! We love her so much! She has beautiful babies!

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