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Rent Some Puppy Love

We are going to be testing a new service, called rent some puppy love. Basically, this is your opportunity to rent a basset hound puppy. Some people do not know if basset hounds are for them. There are multiple reasons- allergies in the family, noise level, shedding, etc. So, if you are not ready for the commitment and would like to test it first, this is the service for you. I typically breed to keep at least one puppy per litter. This puppy will be up to date on vaccines, socialized like the rest of my puppies, up to date on dewormings and will come with food and necessities. All you have to provide is a safe area for the puppy, abide to a few safety guidelines, and be ready to give puppy your LOVE! And puppy will give you all the puppy love in the world until you are ready to give my puppy back! In some circumstances, we may offer a buyout program, but this will not be guaranteed. However, you can then place a deposit on a sibling or upcoming litter!

Rates- $150 a Day with a one week minimum. For more details, please contact me directly!

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