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European VS American

There is no real difference between American and European bassets. American bassets have the same paperwork as European bassets and all originate from the same lines. A well-bred basset hound is a well-bred basset hound. Certain traits are considered desirable in show. Europe has different desirable traits than America, which is why their looks are exaggerated in European lines. America kept health first priority and did not focus on the exaggerated look. We focused on an athletic dog in America that could hunt and wouldn't die of heat exhaustion after running. But with exaggerated looks comes with exaggerated health. Excessive skin comes with skin infections, bacteria build up, yeast, and overall bad health. So, you won't see us breeding high European lines. My first and foremost concern is the overall health of our puppies. We look for correct structure, long ears, and baggy babies without going to the extremes.

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